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Belle Shenkman Studio
RCM Studios was founded in 1967 as a pioneering electronic music facility by composer Tristram Cary. Our audio, video and composition technology facilities enable performers and composers to work in professional studio conditions. The RCM Studios facilities are used on a range of technology-based courses and modules, including Composition for Screen.

Any student can book the Belle Shenkman Studio, with a professional engineer, for a small fee to make recordings and videos for audition submissions, self-promotion and other purposes. Our composition and production suites feature high-spec workstations for tuition and individual project work with a wide range of professional software such as Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase and extensive orchestral sample libraries.

The RCM’s state-of-the-art Digital Innovation Lab recently opened. It allows students to record, mix, master and broadcast material in the most up-to-date formats. The Lab also boasts Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 technology, a spatial 
audio format that immerses the listener in a dome of sound. This new development is becoming the commercial standard in the film, TV and gaming industries.

Our highly skilled staff, Steinway Model D grand piano and a friendly, relaxing environment have made the RCM Studios popular with classical musicians, film score producers and television producers internationally. Our recording engineers are also highly experienced in pop, rock and jazz recordings.

The Studios have also been trading as a commercial enterprise since 1997, offering a range of technical services both at the RCM and on location.

Belle Shenkman Studio

The Belle Shenkman Studio is our principal recording space. The 90m2 live room is equipped with variable acoustic wall panels and provides a high quality performing environment for classical and other recordings. In 2016 the studio was fitted with a new LED lighting rig to support the increasing range of video work undertaken. It is home to our Steinway Model D concert grand piano, which has been featured in recordings by some of the world’s best known pianists.

Control room 1

Located adjacent to the Belle Shenkman Studio, Control room 1 is our primary audio production facility. Operating at an extremely high standard we are able to produce an extensive range of musical styles in an atmosphere that brings out the best from musicians and producers. Control room 1 is based around a Pro Tools HDX recording system with a Yamaha DM2000 V2 console, a number of high quality microphone preamps and a collection of exceptionally good microphones, making it an ideal place to record and undertake post production.

Control room 2

Control room 2 is equipped to make high-quality video and audio recordings from any of the College's performance spaces, including the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall, Britten Theatre, Recital Hall and Parry Rooms.  Remote controlled HD cameras, flown microphones, 96kHz/24bit digital tielines, remote controlled pre-amplifiers and CCTV links terminate in Control room 2, enabling live audio and video recording with minimal additional setup. The room is also equipped with Pro Tools HDX for multitrack recordings and post-production, Final Cut Pro for video editing, and a wide range of additional recording, processing and effects facilities.

Control room 3

Our latest addition is Control Room 3, also known as the Digital Innovation Lab. This state-of-the-art facility boasts a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 spatial audio monitoring system, an Avid S6 control console and Dante AoIP technology for live recording and multitracking performances. The studio also supports a range of software including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Ableton Live 11 Suite and Dorico, and allows for Dolby Atmos panner control and workflows for immersive mixing. The audio infrastructure is built around an Avid MTRX, and the Control Room contains a DAD AX32.

The studio team offer drop-in sessions for students to receive training on the equipment and is available for students to book and carry out their own recordings and post-production work.

Microphone collection

The RCM Studios is proud of its large collection of high-quality industry-standard microphones. All microphones are available for use for recording sessions within the studio, and many are used in our concert recordings, live streams and amplified events.  The collection ranges from large diaphragm condensers and valve microphones to dynamic and wireless mics, each designed for a different application.

Production and composition suites

Our facilities for student composers and musicians include three rooms with high-spec Mac Pro workstations and extensive symphonic sample libraries. These rooms are used for teaching and coursework on a wide range of full time courses and elective modules including Composition for Screen, Electroacoustic Music, Composing with Sequencer and Studio Experience and CD Production.

Loan equipment

RCM Studios provides a wide range of equipment for loan, free of charge to students and staff, including digital audio recorders, HD video cameras, PA equipment, guitar amps and audio interfaces.

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